Thursday, May 14, 2009

Google Secret Loophole JV Invite

Just recieved this in my inbox:

Matt Benwell here, and I would personally like to thank
you for checking out this JV opportunity.

Coming off the back of the success of my last 2 IM
product launches which have grossed over $600,000,
I'm proud to announce my Launch details for my new
release ...Google Secret Loophole.

I've been testing the methods contained in Google Secret
Loophole (PPC) for over a year now with amazing success.
Now it's time to unleash this to the public and let them
replicate my success. With so many old Adwords systems
around I felt that a new product was needed that would
both save them money and start to build them a business
base which they can market to again and again you
can probably guess, this is not Direct Linking!

I have broken down my Step-by-Step formula into 4 easy
to follow modules which anyone can follow, even if they
are a complete "newbie".

The prelaunch starts on Monday June 8th and the product
goes live on Wednesday June 10th at 12pm EST.

Products & Commissions

The front end product is the Google Secret Loophole digital
training manuals and video tutorial course. The course will
show the user how to make a killing from Google Adword's
via my Step-by-Step guidance in both written and video
format. As a bonus buyers will also receive an awesome
piece of software that I've had created that generates
Wordpress review site templates. This will automate the
process and has cost over $6,000 in development. This will
sell for a one time payment of $395

The back end product is the Insider Six Figure Success Club
...A monthly membership where I uncover top marketing
tips to propel there venture to six figure success. This is a
$97 recurring for 12 months.

You'll get 50% commission for both products.

So for every sale you make that the customer buys both
the front end also the back end products you'll receive a
massive $197.50 straight off the bat with a possible future
$582 in recurring commissions.

Here's where you can sign up to get all of the JV Promotional
Materials including swipe emails, banners and a review
template swipe (coming soon).

I'm always on the look-out for new business partners.

If you back me, then you can be sure that I will back you
in the future as I believe in long term JV alliences and
mutual benefit.

Sign up below to get all the JV Promotional Materials
including swipe emails, banners and a review swipe
(coming soon)

This will be a very exciting launch with lots of pre-launch
buzz and a big JV competition with some awesome prizes
that are up for grabs.

I would love to have YOU on board for this and for many
more future launches.

See you inside,

Matt Benwell